Our Curriculum 

At Crescent Under Fives we believe children learn best in an environment where they can make choices and play with freedom of choice. We provide a range of resources and activities which support all seven areas of learning both indoors and outdoors.


The areas of learning are;

eyfs 7 areas of learning

The Early Years Foundation Stage 

Provision for the development and learning of children from birth to five years is guided by the early years foundation stage. Our provision reflects the four overarching principles of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stafe (DfE 2021):

Communication and Language 

We give children opportunities to speak and listen, we encourage exploration of words and help children build their vocabularies.

Personal, Social and Emotional

We support children as they make new friendships, help them navigate their emotions and encourage them to understand the rules and codes of conduct that will keep them safe and happy. 


We provide ample opportunities to run, jump and move to burn off energy and build strength. We engage children in activities which promote healthy lifestyles and choices. 


We love stories and rhyme time and share these with the children as part of our daily routines. There are always resources available for children to make marks and progress to early writing.


Numbers are everywhere in the preschool and counting songs are part of our daily routines. Children can select from mathematics activities to encourage number recognition and activities to explore shapes.

Understanding the World

We celebrate the diversity of our community and encourage children to explore the similarities and differences within their communities and the wider world. We investigate the natural world, forces and cause and effect with children.

Expressive Arts and Design 

Children are provided with opportunities to learn techniques to create effects using different media and are encouraged to create using their own ideas and imagination. They listen to a great variety of music and make their own music with instruments available. Role play is supported with dressing up and other props.

Allowing children to follow their interests and make choices allows us to support the Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning. These are;

Playing and Exploring 

Children gain confidence to choose within the preschool supported by staff who get to know them well and follow their interests and fascinations. 

Active Learning

Children are given opportunities to try new things and are encouraged and supported to persevere when challenges occur and keep trying.

Creating and Thinking Critically 

Children are encouraged to offer and implement their own ideas and find ways to solve problems they may encounter.